Autumnal Centerpiece

I am loving collecting things at the moment to bring autumn into my home! It feels great to be able to get in from a muddy walk with Woopy, pop the heating on and snuggle down together under a fluffy blanket with a hot chocolate. My latest bring into the home is this glass lantern which I got from Asdas. It usually sells for £12 however was a bargain in my local store at half the price!

When I was recently on a walk with my husband, we collected some acorns and pinecones to bring some outdoors in, although I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them. So, I filled the bottom of the lantern with them and popped in a bright orange scented candle for Halloween. I think it looks great and it gives such a lovely warmth to the room in the evening. Now I know how it looks filled, I can’t wait to try other things for different seasons, such as red cranberries for Christmas!

I loved my lantern so much, that I’ve found a little selection for you to take a look at and maybe inspire you to do your own!

Thank you again for reading!

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