Goat’s Cheese and Red Onion Parcels

I love having friends and family over for dinner parties and playing hostess with plenty of wine and delicious food. This recipe is again, really simple but really delicious, it can be made early and popped in the oven as guests arrive and works great as a starter or, when made miniature, canapés. The flavours in this dish always make me think of the festive season, especially when served with a big spoon of red currant jelly!

All you need is:

1. Filo Pastry
2. Goats Cheese
3. Red Onion
4. Butter
5. Rocket Lettuce
6. Redcurrant Jelly
7. Oil

Soften onions with a little butter in a sauce pan. Separately, melt some butter to use with the filo pastry. Cut your sheets of pastry in half so they are a large square. Brush butter on the pastry in between layers to hold it together – I would use about 4 sheets per parcel. Next, add a little oil to the bottom of a bun tin so the pastry doesn’t stick.

Lay the pastry squares onto the bun tins and fill with a spoon of the softened onions and 2-3 slices of goats cheese. Carefully pull the excess pastry upwards and pinch together to form a parcel. Brush a little more butter onto the parcel and bake in the oven at 180 degrees until the pastry is golden. Serve on a bed of peppery rocket lettuce and a good helping of redcurrant sauce!

I can’t wait to make this closer to Christmas when we start having visitors! I’ll be making sure I keep a supply of ingredients in so I can whip them up whenever.

Thank you for reading!

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