Cinnamon Hot Chocolate 

I love to cosy down in winter with a hot drink and a festive film and although it’s only just been bonfire night, I’m already feeling really festive. Tonight we snuggled up to watch The Holiday, as we’re missing our own holiday we went on last week, and decided to make hot chocolates with a little twist.

The recipe for this drink makes enough for 2 large hot chocolates. You will need:

700ml milk
4 tbsp drinking chocolate powder
1 tsp ground cinnamon
Squirty cream and marshmallows to top

Pop the milk in a microwaveable jug and heat in bursts of 2 minutes at full power until warm. Add the chocolate powder and cinnamon and continue to microwave until hot. Pour into your mug, layer squirty cream on top and a dusting of cinnamon. Serve immediately with marshmallows on the side. For an extra twist and grown up touch, add a shot of brandy or similar liqueur.

The dry ingredients for this would look great stacked up in a jar for a gift idea with a recipe card as a gift tag and a candy cane tied on the side!

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