A Winter Walk and Wreath Making

I’ve slowly started putting out my Christmas decorations and all I have left to do now is the tree! I’ve been saving this job until last as it takes me so long to decorate – plus I have no idea where it is going to fit this year! We always get some fresh holly to put on the mantel as part of our decor and this year we managed to get a massive haul of holly, full of bright red berries!

We went for a lovely long walk down Dukes Drive with Woopy, a shopping bag in tow to collect branches and our wellies on, ready to chase Woopy through the mud and trees. At first, there wasn’t much holly around, at least none with berries left. But then we found a tree and ended up filling our shopping bag to the brim. There was far too much to put on the mantel, plus I was worried about the berries falling in the house because I know Woopy would end up scoffing them, which would be awful! So after our walk, we dropped Woo off home, headed to Costa for a Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate (highly recommend – YUM!) and popped into Hobbycraft for some bits and bobs to make wreaths.

I’d like to say it was an easy job… but it isn’t. The holly was extremely prickly to work with – you could always use fir tree clippings instead but I think the holly looks much prettier! We bought a wreath base made of twigs, plus a few extra bits to add on, including dried apple and orange slices, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, and beautiful burlap bows. We also picked up a glue gun and we had some wire at home to fix on the fruit too. In the end, we had enough holly for three wreaths so made one for our parents too which they all loved.

To make the wreath, we began by Kieran clipping either end of the holly branches so there was some bare stick on either end, then I threaded them through the sticks on the wreath base. We went the whole way around the wreath, before doubling back and filling in little gaps with sprigs of leaves.

Next, Kieran threaded a piece of wire, trimmed with pliers to about 3 inches long, through the fruit slices, adding a blob of hot glue to secure the wire, whilst I added these onto the wreath by pushing the wire through the wreath, twisting tightly and then tucking back into the wreath.

***NOTE – The wire can be very sharp once you have snipped it, Kieran ended up bleeding so be careful if you make this!***

We just used large blobs of hot glue to fix on the cinnamon sticks and pine cones, whilst we tied the burlap ribbons on in the middle!

In the end, the wreaths worked out to be about £10 each, which for a fresh one, I think is pretty good. I love the Victorian touch they add to our home for Christmas – really traditional! I’ve hung mine in the hallway on the wall and my mum is hanging hers on the front door! Really pleased with how they turned out after all the effort Kieran and I put in – I think they’re beautiful!

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