Christmas Party Menu Ideas

I love nothing more than a good party and Christmas makes it even more special as it’s my favourite time of year. Light up the Christmas Tree, pop the Grinch on the TV in the background, play your favourite Christmas party tunes and enjoy the festive treats below!

All of the recipes make about 12 servings so adjust according to how many guests you have. Some of these will be perfect for boxing day to use up some left overs and have a buffet after the big day of indulgence! And don’t worry about having a few store bought canapés too as this will take the weight off of preparing it all yourself. All of the recipes are fuss free and all take around 25 minutes to bake which means you can enjoy a glass of fizz with your guests.

Bacon, brie and cranberry tarts

For this quick nibble you need short crust pastry, cranberry sauce, brie, and an egg to wash the pastry. Grease a bun tin with some butter then fill with pastry circles. Stuff with a chunk of brie and a bit of cranberry sauce. Cut out some star shaped pastry lids to make them extra festive, then brush the top with a beaten egg so they go golden when baked. Pop in the oven at 180 until golden but let them cool for about 15 minutes before you serve as the cranberry sauce will be bubbling hot.

Turkey, bacon and stuffing rolls

This recipe takes slightly longer than the others but is equally yummy and goes down a storm. You can prep this whilst making your other nibbled too which is handy. You need a large turkey breast, streaky bacon and stuffing. Roast your Turkey breast with some mixed herbs until cooked and then allow to go cold. Mix up a packet of stuffing and let this cool too. If you pop it in the fridge it’ll be easier to work with. Slice the Turkey into chunks and place one with a lump if stuffing on the end of a strip of streaky bacon. Roll up and secure with a wooden pick. Pop in the oven until your bacon is crisp. Serve with some cranberry sauce on the side to dip into.

Christmas sausage rolls

I used ready rolled puff pastry for these as it is so much easier and just as yummy. Cook sausages and allow to cool completely – I used Lincolnshire sausages as these are my favourite. Cut them in half long ways and side ways so you have 4 pieces from each sausage. Put them in between 2 slices of puff pastry – use a Christmas Tree or star cookie cutter to make them feel more christmassy. Wash the top with some beaten egg again to make them golden and cook at 180.

Puffed Mince pies

Delicious with a coffee or a cinnamon hot chocolate, mince pies are a Festive must have. Find a nice jar of mincemeat and it will need you through Christmas, making enough for about 36 mince pies in all. My favourite is Asdas Extra Special mincemeat with brandy and port. Made with puff pastry instead of short crust, these are a little lighter for after a party. You can read recipes for mince pies and a cinnamon hot chocolate below.

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

Mince Pies

Festive fizz cocktail

This drink is delicious but simple. Pour half cranberry juice, half prosecco into a champagne glass and add a few fresh cranberries for decoration. Serve ice cold. You can always add a shot of orange juice too for a little more flavour.

Don’t forget Christmas crackers, a selection of drinks and to have a great time!

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