A Day at Talacre Beach

Friday day began with a pampering at the hairdressers followed by the most delicious food ever at new restaurant in town, Panda, with a group of friends in celebration of Chinese New Year. Naturally, Saturday was a complete write off, however we spent today having a lovely walk at the beach.

Yes I realise it’s still winter, and January, and we’re probably crazy. But it was actually not too chilly, wrapped up in hats and scarves, plus some hot coffee to walk along the shore with.

We wanted to take Woopy somewhere she could have a good long run and get messy like all good pups should, so we packed the car with towels and headed to Talacre beach in Flintshire. There are two pubs, cafes, a little shop, bakery and fish and chip shop, plus a lighthouse that dates back to 1776.

 Kieran took some beautiful pictures, he’s got a real eye for it, so I thought I would share our day.

I can’t wait to come back in summer – there is a lovely little fish and chip shop which serves special icecream for dogs by a company called Frozzys which makes lactose free products for dogs.

Well, that nearly puts an end to January, and we have so much to look forward to next month!



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