Weekend Away in the Isle of Man

This weekend Kieran and I started a much needed, long awaited week off from work. Working in retail and care, Christmas is a busy time for both of us so we were so looking forward to having a week to relax.

We packed our bags (and got rid of a stowaway) and flew to the Isle of Man to stay with our good friend Charlotte in her pretty cottage. The flight was so quick no sooner had we taken off we landed again, with Charlotte waiting outside. Friday we relaxed with a pizza and some great films whilst catching up as we realised we hadn’t seen each other in nearly a year!

Saturday she spoilt us with fluffy American pancakes topped with bacon and maple syrup – delicious! We then got ready and headed through the country lanes to a pretty little place called Silverdale, where Charlotte had arranged for us to spend the afternoon pottery painting.

It was so relaxing – you choose a piece of pottery, from small candle holders to giant platter sized dishes, and then select your paint colours. Charlotte chose a vase, Kieran a tea-for-one set, and I chose to decorate a butter dish. Once decorated, they go in a kiln and are ready after a week – I can’t wait til it arrives in the post! We followed this up with lunch at the café upstairs, a little walk along the stream and playing on the playground!

That night we dressed up and went into the town fisherman’s town of Peel for dinner. We went to a great place called The Boatyard which looks out onto the harbour and serves the most delicious fish. It had some lovely sea themed decor including receiving your bill via message in a bottle! The steamed sea bass with sweet potatoes and coconut rice was incredible!

Sunday was our last day so we went for a hill walk to take in the incredible views across the island, then headed to the southern most point of the island and Castletown to enjoy one last coffee and cake with Charlotte before catching our plane home.

We had such a great weekend on the Isle of Man  Charlotte’s Island (we renamed it), here are the rest of our photographs.

Thank you Charlotte! ❤


Kat xoxo

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