Spring is in the Air!

Hey guys! I’m still enjoying my lovely week off and thought I would share with you a little something I made to bring Spring into our home. It’s feeling more and more like spring lately, with sunnier days, lighter evenings and the wind is biting quite so hard.

I went shopping in Dunelm for some bits and bob’s a few weeks ago, and found a clearance bin full of beautiful flowers for about 30p each. I dug out all the pinkish ones to make a bouquet at home, but then I thought back to the wreath I’d made at Christmas and the base I had kept from it.

So I started clipping away at the stems and weaving them into the wreath, stuffing leaves in between to fill it out, and this is what happened…

So it’s not quite professional but I think it looks really pretty hung on the wall and I can’t wait to add more spring touches to our home! It’s rustic with the exposed branches but feels fresh with the pastel shades. Bring on spring!


Kat xoxo

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