Home Tour | Easter has arrived in our house!

I’ve been off work this week and have had a great relaxing time, I’m just hoping the weather stays sunny for the last 2 days! It’s been a nice week, even though I’ve not been away, to just spend time at home at get things sorted. Now that the weather is brightening up, I love throwing open every window in the house and spending time in the garden with Woopy and a Gin and Tonic. We’ve been to the beach for a lovely long walk and the cinema to watch Logan (I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it… but you must watch it!) I’ve also been tidying up the garden ready for the BBQ season. I absolutely love this planter of lavender I’ve done, can’t wait to have it full of bees for Woo to chase!

I’ve also had Easter arrive in the living room! It’s only a week away so I thought I best get a move on and freshen everything up for spring. It feels so much lighter and brighter now, I can’t wait for Easter weekend! Woopy has got a whole bag of doggy goodies stashed away at my mum’s, and a play date with her buddy on Good Friday while we go to a dinner party. I was planning on redecorating this week but it just doesn’t seem to be happening so for now I’ve just had a massive clean and got new things for spring.

I’ve been obsessed with topiary trees on Pinterest so did my own for the mantle! I already had thr bases which are pillar candle holders, and the little bushes were £3 in T K Maxx – bit cheaper than buying a whole artificial plant and I love the way they look. The white rabbit is from last Easter in T K Maxx but they have similar stuff in right now, and my little happy Easter sign is from there too from this season’s stock.

I’m really into rustic things at the moment and picked up this lovely basket tray in Hobbycraft for £6. I’m also deeply in love with my rug if that’s even possible – I’ve searched for the perfect rug FOREVER and was surprised to find it had been hiding in Home Bargains this whole time just begging to be bought. It’s got a ropey look and texture and was amazingly priced, in my opinion (£16). For me, fresh flowers are a must and in spring I love daffodils or tulips – they make a room feel so much more welcoming.

The little lavender is from T K Maxx (noticing a pattern? It’s my favourite store) and the hare and mercury bell jar candle are both from the sale in George Asda. One of my favourite items this spring is my worn looking Easter Egg Hunt sign – never too old right? I just had to pick it up (T K Maxx).

I had a fit the other week when my cushions weren’t matching after one by one they had slowly met their unfortunate fate of being chewed by Woopy until I was left with the most mismatched set ever! Luckily Asda had a great selection in the exact shade of green that I wanted, with cute bunny ones too. The blanket is a faux mohair from Dunelm and ultra soft to snuggle up in.

So that’s my living room ready for Easter! I’m not fussing much with dining area as we we’ll be having dinner with family mostly.
I also made myself a little logo for the blog this week, it’s simple but I like it, what do you think?

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