My Spring Favourites!

So I’ve never done a post like this before, but I thought I would share a few of the things I’m doing, using and enjoying!

I’m Reading…

So I’ve recently finished reading a book called The Fifth Letter by Nicola Moriarty which I picked up when I was doing my weekly shop. I finished reading it in three days because I was so hooked to the story! It’s set in Australia with a group of four friends and as you may guess by the title, a Fifth Letter is the key to the whole plot. I can’t say more without spoiling it but I would definitely recommend reading it.

I’m using…

I have been desperate to find some sort of bubble bath liquid that actually makes my bath like a frothy scented spa and it has been a chore! I have tried alsorts including Radix and I’ve just been constantly disappointed with the slight fizz that happens. But I’ve finally found the perfect stuff! I poured a little No7 Beautiful Skin Sumptuous Bath Milk under the tap on Easter Monday and stirred the bath until there was a lovely thick layer of bubbles and the room smelled amazing! It has rosehip and macadamia oils in which makes it feel even more luxurious. This is going to be a must for my baths forever!

I’m watching…

TV wise I have been binge watching old favourites on Netflix such as The Vampire Diaries, but what’s really been holding my attention has been the final series of Girls, and the new show Big Little Lies. Both are probably acquired tastes – Girls revolves around a bunch of 20-something’s living in New York with quite real and raw stories, as well as a lot of humour. Big Little Lies is much more complex, set in a small coastal town, it’s based around the lives of a group of women, with lots of dark drama which eventually leads to a murder.

I’m wearing…

My floral print kimono. It was a bargain from Asda and I am in love with it. With a simple tee and jeans it just changes the outfit – pair it with heels and I’m ready for cocktails!

I’m listening to…

Lorde’s Green Light and Harry Styles Ever Since New York. I decided I best not wear out Ed Sheeran as he’s been on repeat for the last few weeks so I’ve branched out and am loving these two new songs! I’m actually quite excited for Harry’s new album… his new music is very different to what he’s done before and his whole style has changed too – it all feels a bit old school rocker vibes. Roll on May!

I’m enjoying…
Getting into gardening! Strange perhaps, because I’m normally rubbish at it. But I’m loving growing herbs for cooking and getting it all ready for BBQs with friends and Woopy’s garden birthday party (😅). It’s even better rounding off the day with a cold beer or G&T on my little bistro set!

What are you enjoying this month?

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