Organising | How I organise my makeup

Welcome back to my blog! We’ve had a very busy Saturday this weekend – I’ve been cleaning and organising little bits of our home that have been driving me crazy! I finally have my makeup all organised neatly in my dressing table, just by adding a couple of food storage tubs!

The top of my dresser was all pretty and tidy, but when I opened the drawers to do my makeup, I was always met with a massive mess that made getting ready for work super difficult, and then I’d just push it all back in the drawer as I raced off to work!

Lately my Instagram feed has been full of shots of people’s beautifully organised makeup spaces, and I have to admit I’ve felt pangs of jealousy and guilt that mine wasn’t half as great…

Pretty messy, right?

I know it’s hidden away but I saw the mess every day I got ready. I searched for EVER for some sort of tray to put inside the drawers but all I could ever find were the acrylic organisers for the table top. I didn’t want my makeup all on display as I’d rather have my perfume bottles out to encourage me to use them.

Then when I was mooching around in Home Bargains on my dinner hour, I picked up a few food storage tubs in 2 sizes to layout in the drawers! After a LOT of trial and error, I finally figured out the perfect fit, by adding 2 smaller tubs that I had in the kitchen cupboard. This was the result…

I split my makeup into 8 tubs so it was easier to find what I need. 

  1. Prep – this tub has all my primers and setting spray
  2. Base – this is for my foundation’s and concealer
  3. Eyeshadow – Palettes and shadow sticks
  4. Line and Lash – all my mascara, eyeliner and sharpeners 
  5. Powder – finishing powders, contour and bronzer
  6. Blush + glow – blushers and highlighter stick
  7. Lip – all my lipsticks and glosses
  8. Sponges – just because they don’t fit in my brush holder!

The top of my dresser has some acrylic holders from T K Maxx for cotton wool pads, cotton buds, and my favourite lipsticks. I display my perfumes on a mirror that was part of our wedding centrepieces as I love how sparkly it is with the fairy lights shining off all the glass. My brushes also sit here in a white glass pot. I have a vanilla scented candle too, which I think was from Dunelm a while ago, as I am obsessed with candles. My roses were from Home Bargains and were about £5 for 3 bunches. They’re displayed in an acrylic box that was part of a display at my work and I spray them with a floral perfume every now and again.

The latest addition to my dresser is this pretty mirror my parents bought me for Easter. The mirror that is built into my dresser is too far to do close up work so I needed a smaller one I could move around. I love it even more because it matches the crystal handles on the rest of my fitted wardrobes.

I absolutely love sitting down here to do my face  feel so much better now I’ve properly organised my stuff. I love how pretty and girly it is and it is completely my own little space – hopefully it will lead to a smoother morning routine!

I usually prop my tablet up here and watch a TV show or vlogs whilst getting ready, if I have time, otherwise I pop on Spotify. Woopy is normally sat on the bed behind me, nodding off after sharing my breakfast, making me just want to curl up with her!

So… I hope you enjoyed seeing my makeup space. 

??? – How do you organise your space and do you have any tips you would recommend?

Comment below or e-mail me at!

See you soon!

5 thoughts on “Organising | How I organise my makeup

  1. Your mirror is amazing! I’m so jealous of the people on Instagram too. I dream of the day to have a vanity and makeup storage where I can do and keep my makeup.
    Maria Cano | Instagram | Bloglovin’

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