Photo Diary| My Week in Photos | 7th May 2017

I’m trying something new!

I know not everyone uses instagram or social media, but I love posting little snaps of what I’ve been up to! So every Sunday (assuming I’ve been busy) I will share a blog post of my week in pictures! If you enjoy looking at this kind of post please let me know!

This week, I made the most of my new garden sofa and sunbathed there with Woopy. I went to a beautiful restaurant in the countryside to celebrate Kieran’s parents wedding anniversary. Thursday night we drove to Liverpool to the Royal Court Theatre to watch an Irish comedy play and have dinner! And Friday i had a lie in with Woo before starting a weekend of work! Here’s what I got up to…

I definitely would recommend a visit to the Royal Court; you have a delicious meal whilst watching a good show, a bit different to your usual theatre trip!

Let me know if you enjoyed my photo diary post! Have a great week 😚

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