Photo Diary | My Week in Photos | 21st May 17

It’s been a bit quieter this week!

Woopy had a trip to the vet’s as she had a lump on her arm which we were a bit concerned about. Turns outit was some sort of bite which she got cream for. She felt a bit under the weather when she came home so I got her some treats and we watched Lady and the Tramp with her. We also went to the cinema to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy 2 which was so funny! I am so in love with Groot I just want to pop him in my pocket and take him home.

Woopy perked up towards the end of the week and we had a chilled weekend with a BBQ with some friends. I got some really cute little milk bottle glasses and made grown up milkshakes and stuffed potato skins, you can get the recipe here. Sunday was a lazy day spent between the garden and films as we’re all so sleepy from last night!

One more week and then I have a week off work! I can’t wait to do my own thing and do some decorating too!

What are you planning this week?

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