Goodbye May! | My Week In Photos | 28th May 17

I think everyone knows what happened this week.

It was tragic, it was frightening, it was senseless.

Manchester is a place I’ve visited for years with my family, to go to the theatre, visit family, and experience the various things it has on offer. So this time when there was senseless violence, it felt even more real than it usually does watching the news, because it is so close to my home.

But where there’s darkness, there is light, and what I found amazing is how people responded to what happened this week in Manchester. Strangers pulling together and sharing whatever they have to help each other. And that is what we all must continue to do.

With the important and difficult part being said, here’s the rest of the photos of my week…

I spent the middle of the week sunbathing, baked white chocolate and macadamia cookies, finished my BBQ area off by building a step, and rounded my week off with homemade mojito’s at my parents! Not bad at all!

And finally, I signed up to snapchat! So if you want to add me, please do! Have a great bank holiday everyone!

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