Celebrating Woopy’s Birthday | Our Story of Finding Our Dog

Woopy rescued us nearly two years ago.

On a Sunday afternoon of August 2015, my husband and I (we weren’t yet married though) were going through the stressful process of buying our first home. One day, we went for a drive after playing with the idea of getting a dog after we had bought the house. We drove up to Liverpool to the Merseyside Dogs Home just to get an idea of the costing and type of dog we might be able to get. 

When we arrived, we were greeted by a lovely lady who offered to show us around the kennels, but before we went, she told us about a puppy that had recently come in after being found wondering in the countryside alone. She asked if we would like to see her before they advertised her on the website and of course we had to look! She brought in a little blonde scrap of a puppy that had a thin whippy wagging tail. She stretched out her paws and reached to us, climbing into my husband’s arms and licking us both. Straight away, we knew she was the one. We hadn’t planned on getting a dog, but we just couldn’t leave her.

I called my mum immediately to tell her we were bringing home a puppy and she went and got us some supplies while we did all of her paperwork and got her chipped. On the drive home, it rained, and her little head went crazy for the windscreen wipers. She fell asleep in my arms, wrapped in a pink blanket, her paw reaching for my husband’s hand on the gearstick.

That first night was so tough; not one of us slept. We tried her in the kitchen in her bed but the crying was unbearable so brought her bed to our room. She was up all night being ill and at one point we were all crying, worried about her as there was blood in her poop. We phoned out of hours and they said if she didn’t get better in the morning, we should take her to the vet’s.

She has been a little gremlin ever since that next day. We woke up to a lively, energetic puppy who was happily eating and playing. We have been in love ever since.

It is because I love her so much I feel the need to celebrate her birthday, even if it is the crazy dog person thing to do. She brings so much fun and love to our lives, and is so sweet and friendly, why shouldn’t we celebrate her?
Today is her 2nd birthday (estimated) and in August we will have had her for 2 years! I can’t wait to share her birthday pictures and some special recipes with you!

Do you have a beloved pet? Send a picture or your story of you and your best friend.

Merseyside Dogs Home

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