W7 Makeup Haul | Review

I’m not into spending hundreds of pounds on makeup.

I nearly died when I bought my first and only Laura Mercier product, which is a deep purple lip gloss. I picked it because I wanted a fancy brand for my makeup bag and thought this would be reasonable. But there’s no prices on the shelves and when I got to the till, I begrudgingly handed over more than £20 for a product I would honestly class as mediocre. I get that with some things, the more you spend the better the quality, but I don’t think this is always true. Anyways…

Working for Boots, I obviously use a lot of No7 products, not just because I need to for my job, but also because I love them, they work well, and are on the right price bracket for me. When I’m not working though I do like to vary what products I use otherwise doing my makeup becomes a bit of a chore doing the same boring thing all the time.

My favourite thing I own is the In The Buff Natural Nudes eye colour palette by W7. I got this for about £5 in a discount shop around a year ago and i would say it looks quite similar to the Urban Decay palettes. I use it all the time and there is still a LOT of product left.

I wanted a matte palette and so turned to this brand and found out more than I ever knew! They have a whole website full of literally every type of makeup you need. I was going to order some but noticed B&Ms are stockists, so I got a range of products to try.


First up is Mighty Mattes Natural Nudes eye colour palette. This pan has 12 shades and a brush, and comes in at £4.99. CRAZY! I honestly love it and I knew I would. You can do so many looks from day to night. For this look I used the shades; sex bomb; wanderer; winter; and easy tiger. I then just added a slight shimmer down the centre of my lid in silk from In The Buff palette.


Next is Forever Lashes Extra Volumising Mascara in Blackest Black, £2.99. The packaging reminds me of Rimmel and again I loved this. It didn’t clump when I applied it, my lashes went really long, and they were all individual so looked natural. My only complaint is that my lashes still feel damp but they aren’t so it feels a bit weird, but otherwise great.


Thirdly is Hollywood Bronze and Glow, £2.99. This palette is a bronzer and highlighter and does the trick. I think the highlighter may be slightly too gold for my complexion but would look lovely on a more tanned skintone.


Next I tried the Mega Matte Nude Lips in Filthy Rich at £1.99. It is matte and doesn’t look dry. The colour is great however different from how the packaging looks. And it smells like cupcakes ❤.


Finally I got the Brow Bar Eyebrow Stencil kit at £2.99. I didn’t use the stencils it came with as I found it fiddly because you have to hold it to your face with one hand, but I didn’t need it anyway as I have natural brows, I just like to define them a little. I used shade 3 which is like a dark brown and this worked really well. It comes with a brow grooming brush, a mini angled brush to keep in the palette, and a larger angled brush which worked perfectly.

Over all I’m happy with all of the products and I would definitely purchase them all again, except the Hollywood palette as its a bit too glowy for me but it looks ok on. My favourite thing about the whole W7 brand is that their makeup is cruelty free and highly affordable!

Is there a cheaper makeup brand you buy and love? Let me know!
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9 thoughts on “W7 Makeup Haul | Review

  1. great look! I’ve seen the eyeshadow palettes but usually judged by the price point! I’ll have to pick it up if I see it again! I always love I Heart Makeup palettes as well as collection makeup! Not quite as cheap but I do love it! xoxo

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