Photo Diary | A Day in Llandudno

Yesterday we took a little trip up to Llandudno beach after voting in the morning.

I packed Woopy’s travel bag, a jacket and shades, and we took to the road to the beach. It rained most of the way there and we were regretting it, until the Great Orme came into view and the sun broke out.

Parking up at the theatre, Woopy was getting all restless and couldn’t wait to get out in the sea air after travelling with her head out the window the whole way there!

We walked along the promenade where lots of classic cars were parked up, including my personal favourite, a black Porsche. We carried on to the pier where the air smelt of salty chips, fresh doughnuts and arcade music played in the background. It was full of old couples eating icecream and parents pushing their toddler’s in prams.

Grabbing a tray of chips from a kiosk, we headed back up the pier and into town to my favourite shop there called Petticoat Lane; it has a pretty vintage vibe with upcycled furniture and pretty jewellery. They also do chalk painting lessons which I think I may take them up on!

Finally we headed to a cafè called Forte’s for a cold drink and ice cream; I had mine mixed in a vanilla and cola icecream float!

I had such a nice day; I always love time spent at the beach, especially here!

Forte’s Icecream Parlour

Petticoat Lane

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