Drinks Recipes | The Classic Mojito

Who doesn’t love a mojito in the summer?

It always makes me feel like I’m on holiday when you taste the refreshing minty rum! My dad has been growing mint in his garden and makes the best (albeit strong) mojitos! It’s cooled off a bit at the moment here in Cheshire, but I want to keep the summer vibes flowing! So here’s a delicious recipe to make a classic mojito and it’s perfect for a Saturday night!

You will need…

  • Fresh Mint
  • 2 measures of White rum
  • A lime cut into wedges
  • 2 spoons caster sugar
  • Soda water
  • Crushed Ice

      Put the lime, mint and sugar in a glass and press with a spoon to release the lime juice. Add the mint leaves and stir, then add crushed ice to the glass and pour the rum on top. Stir again so the sugar dissolves and then top up with soda water. Add some mint leaves on top to decorate, pop in a straw and enjoy!

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