What’s In My Bag | Weekend in London | Part 1

We’re off to London for the weekend!

It’s my husband’s birthday so we’re off on a mini break to London for the night to celebrate. We’ve got lots planned including a trip to the theatre, dinner out and a little visit to the Harry Potter Studios! I swear I am more excited than him!

We’re going in the car so in theory I could pack my entire wardrobe but that would be a bit ridiculous and I wouldn’t use half of it anyway! So I’m trying to pack light and take just one bag… wish me luck!

Here’s what I’m packing…

Saturday Outfit – Les Miserables, Dinner & Cocktails

The dress and shoes are from my favourite clothing store, Dorothy Perkins. I love it so much because if I’m struggling to find something, I know I can go in there and there’ll be something perfect. This dress is a style which I usually go for as it suits my figure, and is timeless. It also has a cut out on the back which I love! The bag is from Warehouse and the strap is detachable – I love it because I can use it day or night, which is exactly what I plan to do on this trip!

Sunday Outfit – Dinner Out & Harry Potter Studios

Sunday is the day we are going to Harry Potter Studios which I am beyond excited for! Since we went to Harry Potter World in Florida, I’ve really wanted to go back so this will be brilliant! We’re off for a Sunday roast first before going to the Studios and from there we will be driving home. So I’ve got to be a bit versatile!

So I’m using the same bag and shoes with a striped shirt from Next, doubled up with my Dorothy Perkins jeans and a denim jacket from Matalan. I’m getting a lot of 90s vibes with this double denim look but honestly I am in love with this jacket. I’ve wanted something for ages that I can throw on with a cute dress or just grab and go and this is so it!

I also have some silver lace ups for after Sunday lunch and walking around Hogwarts!

Cosmetics – My Makeup Bag

When I do my makeup, I normally just open the drawer and use everything that takes my eye! I hate packing makeup as I panic and think Oh what if I need this? And half the time I don’t end up using most of it! So this time I’ve been good and realistic and packed exactly what I plan on using!

In my kit…

  • No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation in Calico
  • Seventeen Concealer in Medium
  • No7 Dramatic Lift Mascara in Black
  • No7 Airbrush Away Powder
  • No7 Stay Perfect Blushed in Apricot and Honey
  • Maxfactor Honey Laquer lip liquid in Floral Ruby and Honey Nude
  • W7 Brow Bar Kit
  • Barry M Matte Setting Spray

Other Essentials

Obviously I packed all the other boring stuff like my phone charger and toothbrush but I’m sure you don’t want to see that!

Do you have anything you can’t travel without?

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