Weekend In London | Lunch at Hawksmoor | Part 3

What even is a Sunday if it doesn’t have a roast dinner?

Exactly. It isn’t a Sunday! That’s why I booked a table at Hawksmoor in Covent Garden for a delicious roast dinner. Granted it comes in at £20 but I cannot even begin to explain how delicious it was! If you get a chance, go!

I’d heard a lot about it so for me, it was a must!

We were greeted and taken downstairs to the bar area, were mixologists were whipping up cocktails for everyone who was waiting. We were given chilled water while we browsed the drinks menu – I opted for a Grapefruit and Bergamot Iced Tea which was so refreshing coming in off the hot tube.

When our table was ready, our waiter came to collect us and showed us to our seats. Inside it is like being in a giant wine cellar, dimly lit with columns and leather seating.

Famous for it’s steak and meats, we browsed the Hawksmoor menu but knew we were going to have a Sunday roast, especially after the waiter described how it’s all cooked. It isn’t your traditional roast with slices of beef – you’re given a whole chunk of meat which is cooked over charcoal and finished in the oven. It is so tender, it nearly melts in your mouth! It’s served with crispy roast potatoes, buttery vegetables, a giant Yorkshire pudding and bone marrow and onion gravy, which you can keep asking for more of. We did of course!

Alongside this, I enjoyed a Marmalade cocktail – described as an anti-fogmatic, it consists of Beefeater, Campari, lemon and marmalade, designed to give you a kick of energy in the morning! I’ll admit it worked!

We were too full to think about pudding, but were pleasantly surprised by our waiter who brought my husband a plate with chocolates and a birthday candle on!
It was an all round great experience and I would highly recommend a visit!

Hawksmoor Restaurant

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