Weekend In London | Harry Potter Studios! | Part 4

Oh my gosh!

I can’t even begin to describe how exciting this was! Just pulling up to the place filled us with excitement! This was Kieran’s birthday present from my parents but was quite a treat for us both! If you plan on going to the Harry Potter Studios and don’t want to spoil it for yourself, look away now! Otherwise please go on!

We had a look around the gift shop first as we’d arrived with an hour to spare, so we grabbed a Starbucks and stocked up on some gifts for our friends (chocolate frogs and Bertie Botts Beans of course!)

We then began the tour by sitting in a cinema for a video from Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, explaining the journey they’ve been on and what were about to see. The film finished with them all walking through the doors of the Great Hall, and the cinema screen lifted to reveal the real doors!

Being Kieran’s birthday, he got the special job of opening them for everyone! Take a look inside…

From the Great Hall, we continued into a large room full of props, costumes and sets!

This then led us to walk through the dark forest where we saw Buckbeak and Arragog which was incredibly big!

We also had the chance for a photograph in wizards robes and to ride a broom with a green screen so we could see how they shot the flying scenes!

Following on from the forest, we stepped through into Kings Cross station where the Hogwarts Express was waiting for us!

At this point there was a café to grab some food, but after being in Hawksmoor at lunch we were too full! So of course we had Butter Beers. We then stepped outside onto Privet Drive where the Dursleys house and the Nightbus awaited!

We were then led back inside where we got to walk along Diagon Alley lined with all the shop fronts from the film! This led us on to an amazing art gallery where artists impressions and models were displayed which were used to give the film makers an idea of what it would all look like.

And that finally led us into a dark room glowing with blue and purple lights to the most magical scene of Hogwarts!

I cannot get across how magical the whole experience felt! If you’re a fan, it is a must do!

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