No7 Lash Impact Mascaras | Review

It is no secret that No7 is one of my favourite makeup brands – it works, it’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t test on animals.

They’ve recently launched two new mascaras so I thought I would do a post for you guys on them to see how well they work! I also used their primer from the Lash Impact range as it really helps with mascara application. Let’s take a look!

No7 Lash Impact Primer

The Lash Impact Primer does several jobs in one little brush. Apply alone to tint your lashes for a natural look, apply under mascara for increased volume and smoother mascara application, and finally, apply ontop of mascara to give it a waterproof coating.

This is literally my go to when I’m wanting a reaĺly natural makeup look, or I put it under my mascara to give my lashes that extra volume and lift! Combine it with the new Lash Impact Ultra and you’ll you’ll lashes for days!

No7 Lash Impact Waterproof

I don’t normally opt for a waterproof mascara, so this is completely new to me! First I applied the lash primer, and then I applied this on top. It really coats your lashes well, giving them lots of volume and it works great from the waterproof perspective! It just doesn’t budge!

No7 Lash Impact Ultra Mascara

I have to be honest, when I first tried this, I wasn’t blown away. The brush is a bit unusual (its like an X if you look down it) and I found it me on my lower lashes. But then I learnt that the smaller facing of the brush is specifically for your lower lashes and now I love it! It works wonders combined with the primer and really does give a false lash appearance – perfect for wearing on a night out!

Left: primer and Lash Impact Ultra. Right: primer

The best part about these products is they’re currently on an introductory offer of just £10 until 1st August, plus 3 for 2!

What’s your favourite mascara for ultra volume and staying power?

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