Singapore Travel Diary | Getting There

What a long couple of days!

Incase you haven’t seen my instagram (why not give it a follow if you don’t already) I am in Singapore for around 10 days! We left the house at 5am on Monday for our seven hour flight which stopped in Abu Dhabi for 3 hours, before doing the final leg of our journey and landing in Singapore at 10am Tuesday morning.

We were greeted by Kieran’s dad and brother who have been out here for around the last 5 months and we jumped onto the MRT network (like the London tube) to make our way to their apartment. Part way on the train, Kieran’s brother decided we should start our sightseeing immediately, so we got off the train and headed into the city.

Our First port of call was a place called Atlas, a decadent art deco bar themed with Egyptian motifs and statues. It was so ornate and elaborate, with a very 1920s Great Gatsby feel. They have a collection of over one thousand varieties and ages of whisky and gin, most of which are some of the last bottles left in the world, and a gin menu the size of a Tolkien novel!

Aside from their extensive store of exclusive alcoholic beverages, they also happen to make an extremely fabulous hot chocolate made with pure chocolate and topped with Himilayan salt.

Next we explored the Arab Street area, home to a selection of Turkish food places and shops selling curiosities like Persian rugs, intricate glass lamps and perfumes which wouldn’t look out of place in a Harry Potter potions class. We also refreshed and hydrated in a cat café! It was an unusual experience I have to be honest but the cat’s were beautiful!

By this point we were shattered after having only 4 hours sleep on the journey here and acclimatising to the heat. We went back to the apartment for a nap and to freshen up before heading out for the evening.

We caught the MRT to the Singapore River which we walked along to the bay. The streets are bustling with people wanting to tempt you into their restaurants and boats on the river lit with Chinese lanterns. We rounded the corner to take in the most breathtaking view of the cityscape. The Merlion was illuminated, casting water from its mouth back into the bay, city lights shimmered on the water and glass skyscrapers glittered, towering over everything.

Finally we headed to a Hawkers Centre for dinner; a large shared dining area surrounded by food stalls where you can choose any selection of freshly cooked dishes. We went for crab and satay with pineapple rice and it was amazing!

It’s safe to say we were ready for bed after today!

I hope you enjoyed reading my first post on Singapore! Catch up with you soon!

Atlas Bar Singapore

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