Singapore Travel Diary | Gardens by the Bay

Welcome back!

I’m feeling a bit disorientated with what day it is at the moment! So as I write this post, it is Thursday, but it’s everything we got up to on Wednesday! I seem to have got a bit of a cold so today we’re having a relaxing day as the last two days have been jam packed!

So yesterday we were woken up to breakfast in bed made my my brother in law which was a lovely way to wake up!

We got ready and caught the MRT out to a place called Gardens by the Bay; it’s a large outdoor garden space featuring large trees that are alight at night, and two glass domes, one housing a beautiful flower garden, the other a cloud forest and waterfall. It was absolutely beautiful, I think the photographs speak for themselves…

Whilst in the flower garden, we stopped for a coffee at Pollen before going to the second garden called the cloud forest. This Dome is full of exotic trees and the centre houses a waterfall which you get a lift up to the top and then walk along suspended platforms to come back down. I have to say it was a little nerveracking!

We spent a fair few hours wandering around here as there’s so much to look at. We ended up having our dinner on the bay at a Hawkers food hall which was delicious! We had fresh prawns and satay skewers from the BBQ and then headed along the waters edge to the shopping mall before catching the MRT home.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Until next time!

Gardens by the Bay Singapore

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