Singapore Travel Diary | Relaxing the day away

Hey everyone!

So if you read my last post you may know that I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather last few days with a bit of a cold, so today we decided we’d try do a bit more of a chilled day and explore the local area.

We went through a couple of the local shopping malls; I got some beautiful jewellery and we had ice cream on the rooftop café looking over the city. The café had an industrial style and the icecream was amazing! You pick your centre then choose a chocolate coating and toppings!

Later on in the evening I felt a lot better so we took the MRT to Little India which basically is a section of streets full of Indian shops and restaurants and I’d imagine it’s just like the real place! It’s bustling with people and smells of curry restaurants and flowers.

We then took a taxi (which was an experience in itself!) and headed to Arab Street our evening meal. We went to a Turkish restaurant for a lamb tagine and koftas, and finished the night with Moroccan tea and card games, sat under palm trees by a beautiful mosque with the Iman singing.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so emerged in another culture and lifestyle before as I do here, especially today. It is literally unlike anywhere I’ve been before and I am really enjoying my time spent here!

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