Singapore Travel Diary | Sentosa Island!

Welcome back to my blog!

I’m around half way through my trip now to Singapore and I’m having a great time! Today we caught the MRT to a beautiful island called Sentosa which is part of the south of Singapore.

When we stepped off the train, the heat hit us more than it has before! The sun was fully out and the place felt quite lively! We had a cold drink and then strolled down towards the beach. Rounding the corner we were greeted with Palm trees, white sand and a beckoning ocean.

We started making our way across the sand to find a spot to settle on but half way there I just threw my stuff to the ground, chucked my shirt on the floor and jumped straight into the ocean (in my swimmies of course!) The water was so incredibly warm and relaxing and we ended up spending the next four hours dividing our time between mucking about in the water and relaxing on the sand.

It was the coolest and most relaxed I’ve felt in a long time; just relaxing on the sand with my book and the sound of the ocean, birds and music in the background.

Later on in the evening after the sun set, we headed to our local Hawkers for food where I finally became proficient at using chop sticks, something I’ve never before been able to master!

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