SG Travel Diary | Cocktails in the Sky & Botanic Gardens

I think Saturday has been the hottest day so far!

In the day, we visited Singapore Botanical Gardens which is like a giant tropical park with multiple lakes. It’s a really peaceful part of the city full of exotic plants and Palm tree lined fields. We stopped by a water feature for an ice cream as it was just so hot walking around there.

We finally made it to our goal which is called Swan Lake; it’s a huge body of water with a statue of swans taking flight. Naturally, as you’d expect, there were swans swimming on the water together. What you might not expect though is beneath the water; huge Carps, Catfish and turtles! Definitely cooler than going to feed the ducks! We threw some bread in and more and more fish arrived until there must have been about thirty catfish climbing over each other to get the bread!

Exhausted from the heat, we went back to the apartment to freshen up for the evening. Catching the train into the city, we grabbed some Japanese food for dinner and made our way to Marina Bay Sands.

Marina Bay Sands is made up of 3 towers which are connected across the top by a sky park. A huge 656ft in the sky, the top consists of a viewing deck, infinity pool for hotel guests, along with bars and restaurants.

The view was incredible. The viewing platform has a glass wall around it, with a ledge so you can look straight down to the ground. I have to say it was quite nerveracking and I felt my tummy do a few somersaults!

We went up to the bar Ce La Vi for a few cocktails to calm our nerves!

Until next time! 😚

Marina Bay Sands

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