SG Travel Diary | Chinatown Festival!

Welcome back to the blog! I hope you’re enjoying reading my Singapore diary!

On Sunday we went down to Chinatown for a The 50 Cents Festival; a street food festival in the Chinatown area, perfect for trying various traditional dishes for literally 50 cents a bowl or 28p.

Weaving through the streets beneath strings of paper lanterns and shops selling various traditional items from Kimonos to Chinese calligraphy art, we finally came across the festival.

We gave everything a go from crab, to Indian, noodles and cinnamon rice. I don’t even know what some of the things were but it was all amazing! There were a fair few queues and the festival was really jam packed so we went for some cold beer to cool off and took in the view of Chinatown from the rooftop.

We skirted around the festival on the way back through as it was far too busy to wrestle the crowds. Entering a large square, there was a dance class in the middle, and, towering over us, a Chinese building housing a Buddhist Temple. Usually in cathedrals, you can light a tea light near the entrance; here it was incense which was filling the square with a beautiful fragrance.

We went up the steps and entered the most ornate and elaborate place I think I’ve ever been. Everything was red and gold with orchids and statues everywhere. I’m not personally religious but, whenever I enter a place of worship like this, I always seem to feel a sense of peace come over me. It really was a sight to take in and so calm, you wouldn’t have thought we were in a bustling city.

We worked our way back through the streets of Chinatown, picking up a few souvineers along the way, before catching our train back home.

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