Birthday Month | 24 Things I’ve Learned In 24 Years

Next week it’s my birthday!

I’ll be 24 on the 19th of August and I’m having a small party to celebrate – I am so damn excited!

As part of celebrating my birthday, this month I’ve decided to do a few birthday related blog posts, starting with a few things I’ve come to realise over the years, most just recently!

1. Rejection hurts, but you can and will get over it.

2. Some friends come and go, but the best ones are there through it all.

3. Love yourself.

4. Care less about what everyone else thinks.

5. If you want something, go for it.

6. If you ask someone their opinion, don’t be mad when it’s not what you wanted to hear.

7. Patience really is a virtue, one that I don’t have.

8. It’s okay to say no.

9. Do the childish things, always.

10. It’s okay to not be okay sometimes.

11. You’re never too old for something.

12. If you like something, screw what others think and enjoy it!

13. You aren’t really scared, you’re just scared of what others might say.

14. Crying helps.

15. So does laughter.

16. And wine…

17. The parents are right nearly every time.

18. Celebrate everything! Especially birthdays! You’re getting old regardless so enjoy it.

19. Simple things will always be better.

20. Always make the effort and care more about people, even when others don’t, because at least you tried.

21. You can be wrong, and that’s fine, just admit it.

22. You are great just as you are.

23. You can still be your best even at your worst.

24. There’s always a way, just try.

Do you agree with any of these? Is there anything you’d add to the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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