I’m back!

Hello everyone! Long time no see!

I’ve been out of the blogging game a little while, about two months actually! Life got a little bit swamped for the last month or so, so I didn’t even post what a great time I had at my birthday! I hired a hot tub, had pizza and a sweet buffet, played pin the horn on the unicorn and drank way more cocktails than was necessary! It felt like the adult version of a 5 year olds party and I loved it!

So after taking a bit of a break, I decided to take this as a fresh start with a new look to the blog and a new logo which I’m finally happy with! I intend to start posting a lot more frequently and better than before! I have a fair few things planned over the coming months, especially as we head into one of my favourite seasons! I’m loving having cinnamon scented candles lit and being able to snuggle up at home with Woopy just because it’s raining out!

Thank you to those who have still been visiting my blog and Instagram; I hope you continue to enjoy reading Homemade in Cheshire!

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