Happy Halloween! | 4 Favourite films to watch at Halloween

Halloween is two weeks away and I’m going on holiday for it, so with that, it’s time to think about my favourite films to pack for the occassion. Mainly classics, I can watch these time and time again…

Hocus Pocus

There’s nothing like the Sanderson sisters to get you in the mood for Halloween! Bette Middler is an absolute star as the eldest witch, whom, along with her two sisters, are resurrected on Halloween night to collect children so they may become immortal. It’s down to Binks the cat, two teens and a child to put a stop to them! If you haven’t seen it, grab the popcorn and get watching!


A classic thriller and must see from Hitchcock! If you check in to The Bates Motel, you can guarantee you aren’t checking out! There’s been a few sequels to this, along with a reboot starring Vince Vaughn, and a back story TV show you may have seen on Netflix. But nothing beats the original black and white work of Hitchcock and the ear piercing scream of Janet Leigh!

The Craft

I used to love watching this as a teenager, but it would always give me the creeps! Four young girls begin practicing magic together which leads to dangerous consequences and drives them power hungry. One witch comes to her senses but the other three have different ideas…

Sleepy Hollow

The classic tale made darkly gothic by Tim Burton, Johnny Depps character is summoned to Sleepy Hollow to investigate a string of murders carried out by the headless horseman. Depp of course brings his quirky humorous acting style, surrounded by an intense amount of grotesque but less than realistic blood, as is Burton’s trademark.

What’s your favourite halloween films to watch? Let me know in the comments below!

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