Winter Holiday | A Week in Shropshire – Part 1

Well we’ve arrived in Shropshire! We’re spending our week in a cosy cottage, in a little town called Clun in Shropshire with my parents and Woopy. The first night we arrived was dark and cold; as we parked up we could see literally a thousand stars in the black sky

My parents had already arrived and had the fire started and the wine poured. I find that’s one of my favourite feelings; walking in from crisp cold air to having your cheeks instantly flushed by the heat of a welcoming fire inside.

On our first day we took a drive through the country to another town, Ludlow. We nipped around a little market there, bought some beef from the local butcher’s to make stew, and took in the quaint town. Sunday saw us take a walk through the village to have lunch at the local pub, and in the afternoon we carved our pumpkins ready for Halloween!

Here’s to the rest of our week!

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