Visit Manchester | Ideal Home Show at Christmas

I think it’s very clear by now that I LOVE home decorations and pretty things, so naturally I attended the Ideal Home Show at Christmas in Manchester!

We arrived at around 11am to the biggest snowy Christmas trees I’ve ever seen; they were like something out of Narnia! Christmas music tinkled through the doorway and there was a hum of excited chatter from all of the visitors.

Inside, there were fairy lights strung between wooden huts and stalls filled with Christmas decorations and all things home from fabrics to candles to signs and more! There was also a food and drink festival, and a baking festival, with Gino D’Acampo doing talks too. At the centre was a champagne bar topped with more Christmas trees and of course I had a cheeky lunch time tipple!

Afterwards, we crossed the road to the Trafford Centre for a bit of Christmas shopping. I love seeing all the Christmas decorations and lights up; they were setting up a market too with a merry-go-round!

So that was my trip to the Ideal Home Show and I am official in a festive mood, are you feeling Christmassy yet?

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