Blogmas! | The Snowman in Chester | Day 1

Welcome to Blogmas!!

I’ve never done this before so I’m super excited. I’m already feeling really festive; last night we had friends over for dinner and watched A Muppets Christmas Carol, a must see for Christmas!

So today, I got a fresh hair cut for the month, rushed around doing some shopping and tidying in the morning, and then headed into town with my dad and did a spot of Christmas shopping. I managed to tick off a few extra gifts which was satisfying and as it grew darker, we grabbed a coffee before meeting up with my mum and husband.

The Christmas lights in town were beautiful! I love the strings of lights across the street and all the decorations in windows. I popped into a new shop in the city and got a few extra baubles for when I decorate the tree Sunday; you can never have too many baubles!

Finally, we went into the cathedral where we watched The Snowman, with a live orchestra performing all the music; the choir boy sang so beautifully!

So I’m officially in the mood for Christmas and I’m excited for the rest of this weekend to kick start our Christmas!

I hope you enjoyed this first Blogmas post, and I’m excited to keep doing this until Christmas!



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