Blogmas!| A Day In York | Day 2

Welcome to Blogmas!

As I write this, everyone is slowly nodding off in the car home from a lovely day in York. So I thought I would take the quiet opportunity to write day two of Blogmas!

We set off at half 8 from home to make the journey, after getting a very sleepy puppy up out of bed to come with us!

Having left so early, no one had eaten breakfast, so when we arrived at half eleven, our first port of call was to grab some lunch after stretching our legs a bit in the park!

Afterwards, we looked around all the shops with their glittering windows full of decorations, Christmas markets and the York Minster! It was so busy, we obviously had to take a minute to get mulled wine and admire everything from afar for a while.

I picked up a few extra decorations for our tree and, as it approached late afternoon, you could tell everyone was getting sleepy from all the walking around and drinks – dog included!

Little Woopy was such a well behaved pooch; I felt like a proud mum!

So here we are; it’s time to nap our way home and muster some more energy for tonight as we have a Christmas buffet to do!

Make sure you check out my last Blogmas post if you haven’t already. I hope you’re enjoying Blogmas!



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