Blogmas! | Thinking of Others | Day 5

Welcome back to Blogmas everyone!

Today’s Blogmas is slightly different to the others…

I came across a post the other day which made me think; not everyone likes Christmas. In fact for some people, Christmas can be a really tough time, for any number of reasons.

As we approach Christmas, many of us, including myself, will post festive things on our social media, and I just wanted to acknowledge that, for some people, that’s difficult to see. They may be facing their first Christmas without a loved one, or have something else going on in their lives which they are struggling with.

So with that acknowledged, I’ll continue my Christmas celebrations, but with more appreciation that I have good friends and family around to celebrate with.

Make sure you say Merry Christmas to a stranger, send a card to someone so they know you’re thinking of them, ask that extra relative to sit at your table on Christmas day.

And if you can go the extra mile, go for it! After all it is the season for giving, and the best thing you can give someone is your time.



4 thoughts on “Blogmas! | Thinking of Others | Day 5

  1. I love this. Christmas is a really hard time for my family. When I was 16, we lost my brother five days before Christmas. He was only 19 when he died. That was 6 years ago this December, and the wound is still as fresh as it was back then! Though we still love Christmas and all that it represents, it is a difficult time.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry about your loss. I think it will always feel painful sadly but it becomes easier to live with. I hope you and your family enjoy your Christmas and spend time remembering nice times with your brother. Xx

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