Blogmas! | Christmas Canapes & Family Visits | Day 6 & 7

Welcome to Blogmas Day 6!

This evening we had a Christmas buffet with my parents and Auntie, to get everyone into a festive spirit for the month. With candles lit and Christmas party songs on, we had a beautiful buffet and the wine flowed!

I thought for today’s blogmas, I would share with you my super easy Christmas buffet menu, to help you out with your own parties!

I think it’s important for party food to taste amazing but be extremely easy to prepare so you don’t need to be in the kitchen all night.

Smoked Salmon Bellini

This is so easy but elegant! Just get some plain cream cheese, spread a little on to peppered crackers, flake some smoked salmon on top and grind a little pepper across them. Delicious!

Cosmo Cocktail Sausages

This recipe makes enough for 40 cocktail sausages. Mix together 2 table spoons of cranberry sauce, 2 table spoons of marmalade, and a little glug of red wine, and mix in with the sausages. Leave to marinade for the day until you’re ready to cook them.

Belly Pork Bites

Dice belly pork into bite sized chunks and drizzle with some golden syrup to give them a sweet sticky coating when you cook them.

Goats Cheese and Cranberry Parcels

Brush some whisked egg between 3 layers of filo pastry. Fill with a slice of goats cheese and a tea spoon of cranberry sauce. Gather the pastry and pinch together to close. Bake until golden.

Roast Beef Yorkshires

This one is too easy! Roll a thin slice of roast beef and pop in the centre of a Yorkshire pudding. Serve with some horseraddish on the side.

I also made a fresh loaf of bread with a baked camembert and sliced fruit, and a small cheese board with grapes and nuts.

Everything went down beautifully, especially with a chilled glass of prosecco with cherries in! I used my Christmas dinner plates to display the food, and put the phrase Tis the Season on my lightbox for the centrepiece.

Here’s a little look at our mini Christmas tree in the dining room too.

I hope you’ve got some ideas for your own canapes and have some great Christmas parties!

For Blogmas Day 7, we have some family coming over from down south for afternoon tea. However instead of the traditional cake, we’re servinf mince pies and a Yule log!



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