Blogmas! | The Meaning of Christmas (Decorations that is!) | Day 12

Welcome to Blogmas Day 12! Today I thought I would share a closer look at our Christmas tree decorations, in all its sparkly glory!

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that we like to collect decorations from different places we’ve been or are meaningful, so I wanted to share with you those decorations!

These ones with our names on (round) are the first baubles we ever had! I bought my husband’s before we’d move out together to hang on his tree at home. Now we hang them at the top of our tree near the star, along with Woopy’s two decorations, which we got for her first Christmas.

Next up, we have some we collected from places we’ve been with my in-laws. The post box is from Bath which is near where my husband’s family is from, and we’ve visited there a few times with his Grandparents. The pine cone comes from a holiday in Finland and was handmade before us at a market on the water front. My husband used to live there when he was little so it was a special trip for them and this is a nice reminder.

The next two are from holidays from the last two years with my parents and Woopy. The first is from the Peak District and the second from Shropshire. Both are so pretty; the first one is special as it was our first holiday with Woopy too!

This golden key is from York which is a place we always try visit near Christmas as it’s so pretty and has lovely Christmas markets! The Buddha is from our Singapore holiday in July; it’s extremely difficult to buy a Christmas decoration there so I strung some ribbon onto this little ornament we picked up!

Second to last, we have the letter A from the year we got married, and I’ve written the date on the back. And finally, we have a beautiful red and gold decoration from our honeymoon in Florida where we visited Busch Gardens. It was truly a holiday of a lifetime and will never be forgotten!

Do you have any meaningful decorations?



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