Blogmas! | Time to Wrap! | Day 14

Welcome to Blogmas Day 14!

I’ve boxed off all my wrapping, except for the husband’s! I thought I would share a few little ways of wrapping to make your gifts look that little bit more special…

  • Bottle Bags

Bottle Bags are perfect for lots of awkward shaped gifts, not just bottles! I recently gave a little gift to a friend of mulled wine and tied the spices to the outside of the bag; it looked so Christmassy! I think fabric ones are also great for things such as candles or even filling with tasty homemade treats!

  • Gift boxes

Another brilliant one for awkward shaped gifts or for making something look really special! You could put clothing items such as scarves or shirts in a gift box, wrapped in some tissue paper. There are some great ones in the Pound Shop and Home Bargains if you don’t want to spend too much.

  • Stack your gifts

Try stacking gifts of similar sizes or in incremental sizes together and tying them up with a ribbon! They look much nicer than having them all loose, unless you’re putting them in a bag.

  • Add a decoration

This is a nice way to add an extra keepsake to your gift; You could even get a personalised decoration to say who’s gift it is. Tie your gifts up with ribbon and thread on the decoration!



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