Blogmas! | Making Christmas Crackers | Day 15

Welcome to Blogmas Day 15! This morning I took Woopy to have her fur cut and a pamper ready for Christmas; She came out looking like such a baby again (and a bit like a chihuahua)! While she was in there, I nipped around town and collected some bits for making Christmas crackers; here’s how they turned out… I picked up a few little items as special gifts and then did a couple of fun crackers with chattering teeth and yoyos. They were so easy to make! All you need is:

  • Cardboard tubes from a toilet roll
  • Christmas paper
  • Ribbon
  • Tape or a glue stick
  • A prize for the middle
  • Cracker snappers (Amazon)

You need to cut the paper so it’s slightly longer than the snap. Position the cardboard tube on the paper, along with the snap, and roll up, taping or gluing securely. Place your prize inside and then tie either end with some ribbon. You can add other bits to decorate them then on the outside such as a sprig of holly. I put tags on mine so I could write everyone’s names on. It was a lovely afternoon making these with Home Alone on too. Katherine Xoxo

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