Blogmas! | Christmas Eve Basket | Day 20

Welcome back to Blogmas guys! Today is day 20; that means there’s only 5 more sleeps til Santa!

Today I put together our Christmas eve basket ready for the weekend. I’ve seen them everywhere this year so decided to do my own. If you haven’t seen Christmas eve boxes, they’re basically a box filled with things to have and do on Christmas eve.

I bought a great little box from The Pound Shop however it didn’t end up fitting in what I wanted. So I decorated an old basket I bought a few years ago from a charity shop for £4.

I picked up some foliage from Hobbycraft; the great thing about doing my basket so close to Christmas is that the foliage was all on clearance.

I hot glued the holly and fir tree branches to the top of the basket, along with the front of a spare Christmas card. I think it looks so pretty and traditional!

I stuffed the inside with some sparkly hamper stuffing from the Pound Shop, ready to hold the treats!

Inside we have;

  • 2 Christmas Mugs
  • 2 Christmas crackers
  • 2 sachets of hot chocolate
  • 2 mini spirit bottles (whisky and dissorano) and mixers
  • 2 mini boxes of Lindt Chocolates
  • A jar of gingerbread cookie mix (you can get the recipe here) and baking instructions
  • Some bones for woopy
  • 2 cookies
  • A Chocolate Orange
  • A Christmas DVD

It’s now tucked under the tree and ready for Christmas eve! I’m looking forward to making this our new tradition, especially baking cookies too!

Woopy knows there’s something in there for her too as she keeps barking at the basket. You’ll have to wait Woo!



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