Blogmas! | Our Christmas Day Traditions| Day 22

Welcome to Blogmas day 23! TWO MORE SLEEPS!

Today I wanted to talk about some of the traditions we have on Christmas Day since it’s so close!

  1. Every year I oversleep. You would think as a child I’d have been up but nope! The one year I did wake up early, Santa hadn’t even been yet!
  2. Presents. We always open our presents before we do anything else.
  3. Breakfast. My parents make a boiled ham which we have for breakfast on Christmas day morning, with baked bread rolls, pickles and bucks fizz!
  4. Get ready! We all get ready in whatever new Christmas clothes we’ve received; always a new pair of Christmas socks!
  5. Walkies! This has been a nice tradition since we got Woopy; I take her for a walk and have a little nose at people’s Christmas trees glowing in the windows. There’s a lovely feeling walking and seeing everyone enjoying themselves.
  6. Drinks. Time to start on the drinks! G&Ts all round!
  7. The Dinner. The best Christmas dinner ever; roast turkey and beef with all the trimmings, complete with champagne and terrible jokes in Christmas crackers!
  8. Nap. I feel like it’s a right of passage to becoming an adult; the first year you nap on Christmas day is officially when you become an adult.

We also always watch the Queens speech in the afternoon and the Christmas specials before we crack open the sweets and sherry!

What do you do on Christmas day?



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