My Christmas Photo Album! | 2017

What a cracking Christmas!

We spent Christmas Eve with my husband’s family to exchange gifts and have a delicious dinner and port! We had a good laugh with some of the presents and Woopy helped open her own gifts!

We then went to my parents so Kieran could open his presents from them and myself as he was working Christmas Day. Afterwards, we went home and opened the Christmas Eve box I made a few days ago before going to bed to wait for Santa…

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

My parents came to wake me and Woopy up on Christmas day and we opened presents from my friends at home. We then went over to their house to exchange gifts and have our traditional breakfast.

Kieran finally made it home after a long day in work and we enjoyed our Christmas pudding which we always light, and a few cheeky drinks. I took Woopy for a walk in the evening with my dad to take my auntie home.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and are all ready for the new year!



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