What Happened In My Year | 2017

Happy New Year Everyone!

2017 was quite a nice year to be honest.

There’s always going to be bumps in the road but I try not to reflect on those. Instead I’m focusing on all the brilliant things that have happened to me this year, so I can step forward into 2018 feeling happy and ready for more good things to come!

Here’s what happened in 2017…

  • I started taking blogging seriously and found it was something I really enjoy! I even registered to become a .com!
  • I hit 300 followers on my instagram, 100 on Facebook and 50 on WordPress – mini milestones! To others it may not seem a lot, but to me it was lovely to see. I also hit my most views on the blog in December.
  • I went away for a week training for work; I’ve never been away alone before so I was pleased with myself and proud of doing the drive alone too! I’m not one for approaching new people but this was a good confidence booster!
  • I had some great holidays including visiting the Isle of Man, Clun, London and Singapore! I spent time with friends and family in all of these places, saw new things like Pandas and enjoyed quality time in all of those places.

  • I celebrated my first wedding anniversary! I still remember it like it was yesterday and I can’t believe how quick the first year has gone.
  • I also celebrated being with my husband for 8 years, both of us turning 24 and Woopy being terrible 2! Lot’s of fun was had with all these celebrations!
  • I threw some great parties including a Murder Mystery for Macmillan cancer support, my hot tub birthday and lots of summer BBQs!
  • I renovated my garden area and built a patio with the help of my dad and husband. It was pleasing that we’d done something significant together and it made a big difference to our garden too!
  • I made some really great friends. They’ve been extremely supportive and highly entertaining to be around. I look forward to more memories with them!

It was generally all pretty good! I’m looking forward to making 2018 even better and building more great memories. I’ve got lots of plans for our home this year too which I can’t wait to put into action!

What made 2017 memorable for you?



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