Home Tour | Grey & White Living Room

I decorated our living room before Christmas but forgot to take pictures before the Christmas decorations arrived! So now that they’re all away and the house has all been cleaned, I thought I’d share some pictures of our living room makeover!

I bought the wall paper a while ago, and from there, began collecting the rest of the decorations. My living room is north facing and it doesn’t get a huge amount of sun light so I wanted to make it as bright as I could without it feeling cold.

This is the only picture I could find of the lounge before we decorated…

I’m so pleased with how it turned out; it feels so cosy still yet clean and modern. I think my living room is my favourite room in the house now; I love turning on the fairy lights and having a few candles on of the evening here.

This is after…

We painted all the walls white and my parents put the wallpaper up behind the fire. The mirror over the mantel used to be my mum’s which she had for years and was gold so I sprayed it white to go with the theme.

I felt so angsty about having such a light carpet, but it has stayed incredibly clean and any spillages have so far wiped away easily which is so handy with having a mucky puppy! This was from JYSK and makes it feel much warmer with the wooden floors.

I’m so pleased with this space!

What do you think?



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