Home Haul Series | January Home Haul!

I recently ran a poll on my Instagram story asking if you’d be interested in a monthly home haul, and you said yes! I’m hoping to do them each month however I may do them every two months, depending on what I get.

So here’s the first of hopefully many! I thought I’d do the first one a little early as it’s nearly the end of the month and I definitely am done for now!

This month I mostly bought greenery for my home after finishing redecorating the lounge and getting rid of all the Christmas decorations.

I know it’s a home blogger cliche to have eucalyptus in your home, but I’ve been dying to have some on my dining table to brighten up the room. It just looks fresh! I picked up these sprigs from Hobbycraft for £4 each. I’m sure you can get them cheaper elsewhere but these were the best looking ones I could get my hands on!

Next up are these topiary trees from T K Maxx for £9.99 each. I’d got one for my side table in the entrance of my living room but a week later when I was moving around some decorations in my living room, I realized it looked great on the mantel!

With that, I got ready and headed back to the shop, hoping that the other one would still be there. Sure enough it was! I love them and feel it completes the fireplace.

I am a self confessed candle addict. No seriously. If it smells great it’s coming home with me! We tend to light a scented candle virtually every evening, I even light them in the day once I’ve finished cleaning the house! I got this one from Sostrene Grene for just £2.86! I can’t wait to light it; it smells so pretty.

This by far is my greatest bargain of January! I popped in to Dunelm to price up a blind for my landing window and as I stepped in this lantern was looking straight at me from the sale! I obviously had to take it home… it was only £5! For perspective, it’s probably a little over a foot tall.

Finally, the clock in my dining room gave up the ghost! The hands stopped ticking and were just loosely spinning so I obviously had to get a new one. This one is from T K Maxx (I obviously go here too much) and was just £14.99! I’m made up with it and how you can see through it.

So that’s my home haul for January! I hope you enjoyed this new style of post; let me know your thoughts please!



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