Visit Yorkshire | Our Escape to Keldy Forest

I’ve been looking forward to this mini break since before Christmas!

I think a post Christmas holiday is perfect; it’s after all of the chaos is over and a great time to get in some rest and relaxation to set you up for the year.

A bit of advice I was given from my first manager was this; always try take a break before Christmas so you’re energised for the holidays, and one after to recover! It may seem silly but it definitely works! I always try take a break, even if I don’t go away, in October and January or early February. It works!

This week we’re headed up to Yorkshire, to spend a week in a log cabin with our pooch. I have been so excited to disappear for the week; to spend my days walking through the Keldy forest, Woopy running through the fern covered dirt tracks, and cuddling up in the evening in the hot tub with a bottle of red wine.

The thought of staying away when it’s cold always makes me think of the movie, The Holiday; one of my winter favourites, even if it is Christmassy. It just makes me feel warm and cosy!

So, with a car full of woolly jumpers, delicious food, an awesome road trip playlist and a restless pooch, we set off for the north.

On our first day, we were lucky with the with the weather; the air was cool and it was dry, with sunlight falling through the trees. We took a long walk through the forest where Woopy ran, jumped and leapt over tree stumps and moss covered logs. She was loving life!

When we eventually headed back, we had to bath Woopy as she’d become completely filthy with mud. We relaxed for a while inside whilst she dried off before popping out again into the local village where we picked up a freshly baked loaf, walked through the church yard and visited the independent shops including a market and chocolate shop!

After that, it was time for a cold cider in one of the dog friendly pubs; we sat by the fire and had the room to ourselves. It was a lovely relaxing day!



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