Visit Yorkshire | A Day in Whitby

Today, we headed on a drive through the North York Moors National Park to the coastal town of Whitby.

I’ve always enjoyed the tale of Dracula; in fact I chose to study the book as part of my education once. So when we decided we were heading to Yorkshire for the week, I was really excited to take a day trip to Whitby and have the opportunity to see Whitby Abbey.

199 Steps leading up to Whitby Abbey

In case you didn’t know, Whitby Abbey, which looks over the north sea, is believed to be part of the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s famous novel, Dracula, and you can see why! The towering Gothic monastery is set in a perfectly chilling atmosphere, with the waves crashing in the distance, and the chilly north wind blowing.

Sadly, in winter, entrance to the grounds is closed due to the extreme weather but we managed to capture some good shots from the walled garden of the manor that is built on the same land.

As well as vising the Abbey, we also took a walk around the seaside town and grabbed lunch at a local pub which allowed Woopy in. There was a pier leading right out to sea which we also walked along to take in views of the bay; the sea was so rough and choppy that it kept spilling up onto the pavement!

View of the Abbey from the Pier

When we got home we were shattered from all the long walks we’d taken and the 199 steps we climbed up to the Abbey; hot chocolates followed by naps were a must!

Have you ever been to Whitby before? What did you think?



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