Visit Yorkshire | Hogsmede Train Station – Harry Potter

Just a small post today as we’re packing to go into York for the morning before hitting the road to get home. We’ve had such a lovely week but it really has gone so quick! Still, it’s been lovely to get away for a few days and visit places we’ve never been before.

Last night brought us this beautiful sunset over the forest too before we took a final dip in the hot tub; the sky was so clear we could see hundreds of stars.

So, a little fact about where we’ve been staying…

The nearest village to where we’ve been staying in the forest is the little market town of Pickering, Yorkshire.

One little fact we found out whilst here is that the little train Station was actually used as the set for filming scenes in Harry Potter; It’s the train station in Hogsmede!

My husband and I are kind of Harry Potter fanatics; we’ve visited the amusement park resort in Orlando, Florida, as well as been to the film studios in London. You can see more of the studios in my blog post from London, here.

It looks quite different without witches and wizards parading the platforms, but we did see a trolley full of the Weasley’s luggage to take to Hogwarts!

I guess that’s another location ticked off! Maybe I should start a bucket list?



4 thoughts on “Visit Yorkshire | Hogsmede Train Station – Harry Potter

  1. I am a little strange. I have never watched a Harry Potter film all the way through, yet have a slight obsession with everything Harry Potter! I now want to go and stand at this station…… It looks so cute. I love Yorkshire anyway, I always feel like I am stepping back in time when I visit there

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