Visit York | We’re Back From Holiday!

So, this is my last post from my holiday last week; we came home Friday and had such a great week.

On our final day, we decided to head into York city centre before going home, to grab some lunch and visit one of our favourite cities in England.

We parked up and strolled about town; it was great as it was early morning and quiet so we could take in the views of the Minster and Woopy wasn’t going to get stepped on. Last time we were here was before Christmas and it was so busy with the markets that we had to carry Woo as she’s little and was nearly stepped on!

I bobbed my head in a few shops including the Christmas shop as I always get a decoration when I visit somewhere on holiday. We wandered round a few more before going for lunch at the Eagle and Child.

My parents first discovered this pub restaurant and took us before Christmas. It’s a great place with a wonderful atmosphere; the staff are so friendly and it’s selling point for us is that it accepts dogs! The food is so delicious too; it’s steaming hot and so fresh, with traditional and simple options to choose from packed with flavour.

After lunch, we headed back into the streets filled with little independent shops and stumbled across THE best store! Last time we came, this shop was so busy that the queue was down the road and round the corner! We gave it a miss but this time the coast was clear and we popped in with Woopy for a browse. My reasoning for them allowing her in is she is such a Dobby look alike.

I swear I need a Harry Potter location list as I seem to go everywhere related! So that’s my holiday done! It went very quick but we had a lovely time and visited a few places we’ve never been before.

Until next time!



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